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Category: Professional Services, Veteran Support, Clothing / Merchandise
State: VIC
Address: 72 Church Street, Wodonga VIC 3690
Phone: 0448352769

My name is Zak, I am the co-owner of CrossFit TMA and RF Fitness Co. I am a veteran of the 1st Battalion, RAR, 7 years. I deployed to Afghanistan on Operation High Road 2015. I started CrossFit TMA to share my love of fitness, wellness and health to those around me who wanted to chase it and reap the rewards of finding those things.

The Mission Statement for the business, gym, and its staff is simple: "We exist to improve the lives of our members".

We offer group fitness classes to anyone and everyone seeking to improve their health and wellness. Our classes encourage functional fitness, strength and cardio training, mobility and nutrition support. All tailored individually to suit all abilities, walks of life and ages.

It has been a tumultuous journey but none the less, CFTMA continues to offer exceptional service to its members and adheres to its Mission Statement.

We are located in Regional Victoria at 72 Church Street, Wodonga VIC 3690.

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