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Category: Our Supporters , Food & Beverage
State: NSW
Address: Tocumwal NSW, Australia

Better with every chew

The Beef Chief is all about real beef and real flavor. Old classics that you love like my rich and sweet smokey B.B.Q. Exciting and instant favorites like my explosive Gunpowder.  And dont forget the fan favorite,Chilli B.B.Q.

My distinctive flavors were refined over years to match the quality of our Australian beef, recognized worldwide as being of the highest caliber.   My goal was to create a unique Australian flavor to match the quality of our beef

My handmade secret recipes are all made with the highest quality, locally produced ingredients.

Like my Creeping Reaper, a wild ride made from Aussie grown Carolina Reapers and a mix of spices.

I never use nasty preservatives like sodium nitrates.

This strict commitment to quality ensures that you only ever get the best, and makes that signature Beef Chief flavor get better with every chew.

From Humble beginnings

It all started years ago in far North Queensland, while in the Army.

A friend and I realized how much money we were spending on beef jerky. We would take it out bush with us on exercise.

We were spending a fortune on chew that was just not up to scratch. You know the brands I'm talking about. Too dry. Too wet. Looking at the pieces wondering if there's any ACTUAL meat  inside it.

After carrying a pack around all day, it was disappointing to tuck into some jerky and see that the bag was small, half empty, and tasted worse then the vegetarian ration packs.

Sitting around after a particularly grueling day we got to talking and decided we should make our own next time we come out. So we started gathering the best recipes we could and got to work.

After taking some onto base, it wasn’t long before we started getting asked if we could make a little extra for our mates. Before we knew it, we were supplying half the battalion.

That’s when we knew we had something special.


The Original Beef Chief is a Defence Veteran owned business.

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